How It Works

Find out how to make
your dreams become a
reality with 6 simple steps...

Your Journey

Step 1: Download Free Resources!

We have a fantastic library of resources that are free to download at any time (even if you aren’t ready to sign up for the Academy). They are a great way to prep for lessons and get extra advice!

Step 2: Watch Your Welcome Video

We want you to feel at home, so we’ve created a little welcome video to introduce you to the Academy. So get comfy and see how the wFund Academy can help you get started.

Step 3: Enroll for FREE

Click here to sign up for the wFund Academy.

Step 4: Access!

We’ll  send you your login info via email as well as an optional survey help us continually improve the Academy. 

Step 5: Evolve Your Idea

Now you’re ready to begin classes. Get ready for practical videos, theoretical videos, practical assignments and reading materials that will guide the development of your entrepreneurial journey!

Step 6:   Submit & Become an Alumnus!

Becoming a wFund Academy alumni unlocks even more benefits. And all it takes to become an alumnus is completing your three key assignments for feedback! So what are you waiting for? Start building your dreams today!

Alumni Benefits

Step 1: Pitch Deck Feedback

You’ll receive detailed feedback on the Pitch Deck you developed throughout the program.

Step 2: One-On-One Call

You’ll have a one-on-one call with one of our specialized mentors for additional feedback and coaching.

Step 3: Prepare Your Team

You will have learned how to prepare your ideal team for action.

Step: Validation Process

You will be entered into the wFund validation process where you could be eligible to fundraise up to 1 million euros.