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A free entrepreneurial ecosystem where women can grow, become independent, self-confident business founders, discovering their individual potential and making their dreams come true.

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About Us

We spent several months talking to women, meeting women entrepreneurs, getting to know their startups, partnering up with various women communities and organizations, and listening to women dreaming about their businesses.

We were really surprised by how many women, all of whom had great business potential and ideas, faced similar fears preventing them from giving those ideas a shot. That’s why we established the wFund Academy – to minimize the overwhelming feelings of risk and fear for those women with potential and ideas.

Since we believe the professional and personal development of every founder to be vital, we have prepared a step-by-step educational program to guide women from an idea to a plan, from a pitch deck to ultimately a fully functional business. wFund Academy is here to offer the support, knowledge, and expertise to the broadest possible audience of potential women founders in Europe at no cost to its attendees.

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What we do

Our Mission

wFund Academy wants to increase the interest and involvement of women in entrepreneurship and innovative environments through a free online comprehensive and unified educational program led by experts from different fields. The program is designed for women who want to start a business but do not know where to begin, or are in a phase where they need professional feedback or mentoring.

Your Educational Program

wFund Academy is a free online educational platform for every woman in Europe who is considering and playing with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur but doesn’t know how to start and would appreciate guidance, as well as for those women who just want to find out if this is the right way for them.

Learning in the Academy is based on three core steps; short lessons with theory, practical assignments after each lesson and personalized evaluation of each assignment. This way each student can monitor their own progress under professional observation.

How It Works

Students will receive study materials in the form of video lessons and template documents for inspiration after their free enrollment in the program. The lessons also come with  “assignment,” which, after processing, offers suggestions for improvement from a professional team member who specializes in the given topic. This gives the student immediate, effective feedback, which helps them to integrate what they’ve learned into their business plan.

1. Sign into the program here.  Only your name, country of birth, country of current residency, and field of work are needed.

2. You will receive your first set of videos – two for personal development and one with the first lecture.

3. At the end of the video lecture you will find your assignment. This will help you to learn the information and transform it into the first lines of your business.

4. Complete the assignment and send it to

5. Our mentors will screen your work and will provide you with feedback and instructions for improvement to incorporate it into your version.

6. After each completed and submitted assignment, you will receive a new video with new tasks until you are ready for video mentoring one-on-one.

7. Once your project is at a stage where you are ready to build your team, you will enter the validation process of our partner – hDock42 Ventures. Projects that show exemplary potential will be eligible to receive their first round of funding from hDock42 Ventures (up to 40K euros).

8. You will proceed to an intensive 3-month incubation program in your country, or the location of out closest partner, where you will receive one-on-one mentoring, consulting and coaching to help you grow into the seed-ready stage.

9. Once you have successfully finished the incubation, you will be fast-tracked into the validation process of venture capital to fundraise up to 1 million euros.

The main advantage and difference of wFund Academy is also its essence. The student is supervised by an expert team throughout the educational program, who serves as a qualified guide. It helps students discover their individual skills and fill in the gaps, so the way to build their business plan is as efficient as possible, leading to an increase in self-confidence and the elimination of any obstacles that appear to be or actually stand in their way.

The program is constantly increasing its difficulty with every lesson, from general basics to important details. The Academy also enables access to an important community and helps with relevant networking.

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